The following is going to sound a bit gender biased but it can work both ways for men and women. I too am a collector of guitars and gear including numerous guitars, amps, drumkit etc. I do admit to suffer from GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome) and have done all that I can to quit my habit. One of which include staying away from Craigslist and Kijiji. Both those sites make it to easy for me to want to acquire more gear, especially when you can get items for less than half price.

I have had non musician friends question why I need so many guitars? I have 6. I tell them that each one has it’s own personality and sound. They’re like tools in a tool kit, or clubs in a golf bag. They serve their own person depending on the sound I need. I haven’t had to deal with a wifes’ demands, as I am not married.  I don’t think that would change my position.

The following are to opinions based on the same issue. Do I have too many guitars and should my wife tell me to sell them?


How does it work that guys say they need to sell because the wife/lady/GF insists they get rid of a guitar or other equipment?
I mean- we all have too many guitars or drums or whatever,- but that’s part of the hobby. We love our gear..

So now you sell the offending instrument
How long does that keep her happy? Maybe she isn’t even very happy at all. Maybe she is just a little less pissed at you because you have an interest in something other than her. Diminished resentment isn’t happiness dude!
And of course the money made will likely be spent on her?

So puleeeeze keep the nice Gibby/PRS/amp. You appreciate it – the fact that she doesn’t, does not mean you’re wrong- but you have to go in search of your balls and reclaim them first so you can look her squarely in the eye and say: “You love shoes- I love guitars. We’re even. I want you to have what you like.- And I expect you to want the same for me. Period”

End Rant

Re: Why do Wives want their men to sell guitars?

If you have to sell a guitar because of a woman….than you need a new woman.
i have over 25 guitars..30 if i included my beaters….some i have had since i was 14, im 48 now…some are worth 5000+ dollars- i wont bore you with my list (even though i would love to).
my wife knows damn well to even think of telling/asking me to sell any of them for any reason would be laughed at with total evil hilarity.alot of them were around way before her and will be around long after her-haha..
who ever has the most guitars when they die wins!or in this case my kids do,cause they are all willed to them….my wife will be getting none…

PS:that hollow body jazz box in the pic below was given to me by my wife for my 40th birthday…women should be buying you guitars NOT telling you to sell them.
ask your wife to sell her engagment ring?see what she says…

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