cover band musicians

I often wonder about what makes people want to be in a “cover” band as opposed to an “originals” band, or even those who go whole hog into a “tribute” band.

Is there artistic satisfaction in playing note-perfect covers of other peoples songs, or is it just gratification of technique to be so close to the original? If your covers are so far stylistically from the original (i.e. Speed Metal covers of Hank Williams tunes) could it even still be considered a “cover” ?

For full disclosure, I play in an originals band, and am of the opinion that I would rather gnaw my hands off than play in a cover band, but that is just me, no judgement. Lots of people play happily in cover bands, but why? Is it because it’s more marketable? Is it because it’s “easier” creatively (i.e. your songs are already “written” and possibly popular)? Is it the simple enjoyment of pleasing a bar crowd?

For the record, I choose an originals band, because I find it more creatively fulfilling to make all the pieces fit together from scratch..

This is not meant to start a hate war or anything, just want to gain some perspective by starting a dialogue.

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