The following is a post by a drummer on CL. Apparently all cover bands play the same music and he wants to branch out. There is a follow-up post replying to his original post.
This is how it is:I am in my 50’s and play more slamming drums than most guys half my age. I’ve played every song in the world (just about). I collect and know thousands of great songs to play. I want to lend my talents to a great, money-makin’ cover band.Why is it, then, that every response to my ads is either:
1. Bands that play songlists that containt the SAME songs by the SAME people? Neil Young’s Rockin’ In the Free World”, still…really? Creedence…one of three choices, folks…Proud Mary, Green River, Born on the Bayou. ZZTop, same, Bad Company, same, Stones, same. The same SONGLISTS with the SAME TIRED, WORN-OUT, boring BAR SONGS.
2. “We ARE a cover band, and PLAN TO PERFORM SOON, but we also do originals and plan to record.
3. “C’mon over and JAM sometime. We don’t perform, but we sure have a lot of fun!!”Listen. If you’re doing Neil Young, try, for one, picking something off of Zuma, maybe. Ever heard “Drive Back”, or maybe “C’mon Baby Let’s Go Downtown” off of Tonight’s the Night? Creedence…never heard of “Pagan Baby”, probably one of their very best songs? ZZTop, Bad Company? REALLY?
How about some Link Wray “Jack the Ripper”, or the Ramones “Rockaway Beach”? Clash “Police On My Back”, maybe?Is there anybody out there with a musical clue, and have cover band/money making aspirations? Or have we all just whittled down to doing “Folsom Prison”, live in the ol’ bar, yet again. What’s the matter, folks? Like, you don’t think this bar audience has heard it before, a thousand times? Did music just STOP for you, once you learned “Wish You Were Here” and “Brown Eyed Girl”? You are a musician, yes? How about exploring and learning some actually entertaining songs, and producing a thought-out roster.

P.S. All of the above mentioned songs are great…but they have just been played a little too often by those with no desire to go further in their musical make-up.

Me? I am the drummer who knows more songs than most of the guitarists I meet these days (at least through Craigslist, so far).

Bored. Very bored. I wanna rock, not just be in another ordinary and familiar bar band, playing the same exact songs as everybody else.

Thank you for letting me vent. I shoulda learned guitar…my biggest mistake.

Here’s me: Over 7,000 hits, and I’m still getting nothing but Green River.

Follow-up reply:

Re: Bored Pro Drummer (Boring Ontario)

You are right, old guys’ bands play the same old covers ad nauseam, and young guys play the same crap noise on 2 chords.

Truth is, old people who go to bars with live music want to hear old worn out country covers, and kids going to noisy places want to hear tasteless noise.

That’s why I decided a while ago to branch out of the “rock and pop” circuit and do jazz, standards, and blues instead.

Notice that studies have shown that IQ is higher with people enjoying jazz and blues, and the lowest with country music lovers…

Easy choice for me.

Good luck.

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