So, I was at the Silver Dollar last night checking out ‘Night Owl Festival‘. It was a great night, with some awesome music. One of the headliners “Nobunny” took the stage at 2am.

The whole band is dressed in bunny costumes. a Very entertaining and fun band. At one point the drummer lit his ride cymbal on fire and there were some pretty big flames. The lead singer normally plays in his underwear. There were a few episodes whereby he came out into the crowd to interact with everyone. It wasn’t till near the end he decided to lose the ‘tighty whiteys’ and strip down to nothing, other than the bunny mask he wears.

Anyhow, it was odd, bizarre and comical all at the same time. Nobody seemed offended and I don’t believe he was charged with public nudity. Warning full frontal nudity in picture enclosed.

So my question is, should this behavior onstage be accepted? It wasn’t too long, ago that Jim Morrison was thrown in jail for allegedly “whipping it out”. How far can you go to make a statement? Is this rock n roll?

I don’t know if the band is known for this behavior but the lead singer, Justin Champlin, certainly exposed it all to everyone that night!

I’ve been to many shows over the years and witnessed some outrageous shit, but nothing compares to what Nobunny expressed on stage. Anyhow, it was a fun night but not for the faint of heart.

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