After many months of contemplation and unofficially quitting 6 months earlier, I final gave my notice to my band mates. I was out. The whole band thing just wasn’t working for me anymore. The band had been together for around 3 1/2 years. Not all members were original. After going through 2 drummers, 4 bassists, 1 keyboard player, and 3 lead guitarists, I had finally had enough. Yup, there is lots of drama and egos when it comes to musicians.

There were many reasons as to why I had lost interest. The novelty of playing live had warn off. I didn’t want to play live plus it was such a pain in the ass trying to find shows. The whole pay to play thing was a complete joke. I bring people to your bar, they spend money all night but we get nothing in return, except a chance to play at your shitty bar? No thanks!

There were other reasons. Writers block, band members unable to commit to practice due to work commitments, stage fright, ageism, and members getting fucked up at live shows, among others. Ok I’m no spring chicken and I started thinking what the hell am I doing up here? Is this a middle age crisis!?

Whatever the reasons were, it was just time to try something else. I have another jam that I attend playing a different instrument. It’s low key with no real pressure. Only to maybe not fuck up too much. But that’s what I wanted, no pressure. It’s always good to try something different if it starts getting stale.

It’s only been one month, but it’s a weight that’s been lifted off my shoulders and I’m relieved. I can still have my jam and make music, with no expectations! That’s how it should be. If it’s a hobby you have to have fun.

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