Joe Snow

About me

Lead singer, lookig to fil lspots on my current band and maybe join something, originals and covers

Your age.




What part of the GTA do you reside in?


Who are some of your musical influences?

I like all sorts of rock, spanning from the early days to the beatles to black sabbath and zepplin , to 80’s metal through to 90’s alternative. Some currents bands I like, but there isnt a whole lot

Brag about your gear, here.

Im a lead singer, really, how much gear do i have?

What genre of music do you play? i.e. (jazz, hip hop, death metal)

My current band is harad rock, but i can sing other ganres, like soft rock, folk, etc. open to different things


What is the url to your Facebook fan page?

Youtube channel

How far are you wiling to travel for a gig?


Favourite saying

fear rides on the wings of doubt